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Josie M.

If you're in the market for a Realtor®, stop now you have found the real deal. Cheryl V is a powerhouse of knowledge and resources. I've known her since 1996 and she has supported me through 4 different transactions through 3 different homes! I have witnessed her honing her craft to an unparalleled expertise through years of hard work, discipline and experience. There is no one quite like Cheryl. Reasons why you should pick Cheryl as your Realtor®: Extremely knowledgeable and passionate! Having been in the industry for decades, Cheryl is an expertise in her field. She can answer absolutely any question you might have in record speed. She has a genuine curiosity to learn and stays educated at the top of her game. She's always up to date on the market trends, technologies, tools, etc and attends seminars and events regularly to stay up to to speed. She's knowledgeable of all the Bay Area neighborhood oddities and intricacies. She anticipates questions and issues you've never even thought of but are so glad she has. Highly organized! Cheryl is so ridiculously organized! She has answered every question I've ever thrown at her, always in less than 24 hours. If she doesn't know the answer for you she will find it using her research or network of experts. She is so meticulous and detailed it's nuts. When we worked at the bank together at age 20 and she always balanced out. Well connected. She has at her fingertip the best resources! She knows everyone in the industry - they have great relationships and trust her. This is helpful when you are being positioned as a promising buyer or trustworthy seller. After we purchased our house we had several follow up maintenance issues and she always pointed us towards professional and helpful resources such as plumbers, handymen, electricians, anything really! We joke that she is our life guru. Just an overall really awesome, generous, kind and thoughtful human being. In Cheryl you will not only find an expert but also a friend, willing to work hard to achieve your goals and best interests. Of course she has a business to run but her primary goal is very obvious - to do her job well and keep her client informed, prepared, happy and successful in finding the perfect home. There is no one I would trust more with such a huge life step. Thank you Cheryl for being my Realtor®, friend and life guru through the years! You were made for this job! And you deserve all the success and happiness in the world!


Cheryl helped and guided my daughter in buying their first home in South San Francisco CA. As happy times go by and with their daughter and another boy on the way, their two-bedroom starter home has served its usefulness and purpose and so they decided to move on. Cheryl's expertise came to mind. They contacted this very likable young woman without hesitation, in preparation for selling their home. They only have one thing in mind which is a smooth transaction, as not to add to their worries about my health and impending major operation on Dec. 2005. With Cheryl's knowledge and experience, the house was sold even before it was ready for an open house and within a few months, Cheryl found them a much-suited home in Millbrae California for their growing family. Everything went pretty well and the major invasive procedure done to me was very successful as well. Thanks, God. My wife and I decided to sell our rental property in San Jose California in Oct 2017. My daughter asked me if I know a Realtor®. I said no, but I lied. I have a niece who is very close and dear to me and who is also a Real Estate agent. I'm sure that she would be able to sell the property but I'm not sure how our business relationship would be, as her client and a niece working as my agent. So sorry that I lied but not my decision for bringing Cheryl aboard as my number one choice. My daughter has so much admiration for Cheryl and suggested her proven credibility. After some minor spruce-up, Cheryl put our rental house on the market in about the middle of Nov 2017. It was sold over the asking and closed on the first week of Jan 2018. Cheryl works diligently and managed to find us a replacement property that we like. Our offer was accepted on the second week of January 2018 and will close in January 2018. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who wants good results. Because of her outstanding ability, integrity, kindness, perseverance, dedication, and professionalism.

Cass J.

Let's face it, purchasing a home, and a home in the Bay Area is no easy feat. And being the largest purchase one will ever make in their lifetime, we knew that we needed to have the best person on our side during the journey. Cheryl Villanueva is TRULY a gem of a Realtor®. We started our home-buying journey on June and we closed on our forever home in August! We couldn't have been happier to have Cheryl with us! Cheryl is such an extremely professional, efficient, and dedicated person who truly makes her clients feel like their home-buying journey is 100% important to her. While I'm sure that Cheryl has many clients and tasks that she tackles everyday, never once did we ever feel like we needed to be ""fit"" into her schedule. She responds to all emails and texts in such a timely manner, and always always answers your questions thoroughly and honestly. We appreciated Cheryl's true dedication to working her hardest on our behalf, even corresponding with our mortgage lender and others involved. Her ability to understand our concerns and convey them to all parties is really her biggest asset. She was compassionate about our concerns and we never had to question her ability to aid us through this process. As emotional as this journey was for us, Cheryl was always understanding and optimistic that we would find what we were looking for. We couldn't have done this without Cheryl by our side. Lastly, for those of you who are embarking on your home-buying journey during the age of COVID-19 - You can rest assure, Cheryl goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure that her clients are healthy and safe. She had a goodie bag of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, and really takes extra care to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Thank you Cheryl - With your guidance's and support by our side during our journey, a little piece of you is always with us in the house and we now call our home!

Rose D.

My husband and I have known Cheryl for quite a few years. As a person, she is absolutely amazing, hardworking, dedicated, and caring! As a Realtor®, she is even more exceptional! She truly cares about her clients and looks out for their best interests. We highly recommend her! We have worked with Cheryl on several occasions; both buying and selling. She helped us with our first home purchase, in which she walked us step by step. She also helped us with selling our home during one of the most difficult times in our lives. In all transactions with her, she delivered great results. She answered all of our first-time homebuyer questions with ease, care and comfort. She is thorough and very attentive to detail. Her expertise gave us the confidence with making the right decisions along the process. Cheryl provided options for us so we, as her clients, can make educated and mindful decisions. She is very knowledgeable in her market, a great communicator, and an exceptional negotiator. We love working with Cheryl. We cannot express enough how grateful and thankful we are for all that she has done to help us. They say that this time may be the most stressful, right? Well, with Cheryl V. by our side, we have faith and trust. She shares her knowledge, experience, and expertise as a real estate agent. Cheryl absolutely cares about her client’s dreams and strives for a successful outcome!

Rana L.

We started working with Cheryl in 2001 when we were looking for our first home in South San Francisco. Cheryl patiently informed and walked us throughout the home buying process: showing us a variety of properties within our budget and preferred areas, educating us of the various disclosures and contingencies, effectively negotiating prices, and going through escrow. With Cheryl by our side, we felt confident and happy to have found our perfect first home. When we outgrew of our first home in 2010, Cheryl was the first person we thought of to represent us as the listing agent and buying agent for our next home. What stands out about Cheryl are the conventional or unconventional tactics she uses as a seller to maximize exposure of your property to increase interest or as a buyer to stand out among the multiple offers and appeal to the buyer. Cheryl has a network of contacts that have been helpful throughout the buying/selling processes roofers, painters, mortgage brokers, tax accountants, etc. She has also built a network of agents outside the Bay Area. Cheryl is very responsive via phone, email, text. We were able to easily e-sign documents as well. There are no lapse connections or assistance. We Cheryl has provided excellent service over the years. We are grateful to have an amazing relationship with Cheryl!

Sabrina C.

Cheryl is the most professional, honest, attentive, and amazing Realtor® estate professional I’ve ever known and worked with. She sold me my first condo over 15 years ago and has represented me over the years with other transactions. She’s always treated me like a friend, not just another client. She has an endless amount of patients and works above and beyond to make her clients happy. Cheryl is very responsive and is always available to share her professional knowledge. Her dedication to fulfilling her client's needs and the care she puts into everything she does is what every person wants from a real estate agent. I have recommended Cheryl to many family members and friends over the years and everyone has had success, both buying and selling, with Cheryl. They can’t stop saying how wonderful she is as a person and to work with. If you’re looking for someone who has an ample amount of experience and knowledge in real estate as well as someone who has dedication and heart in her profession, I would recommend Cheryl 110%!

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